A Message from the Board of the PCC

Tonight's meeting will be held at the offices of the Ventura County Credit Union  Please see the map below. 

On the agenda for this month's general membership meeting are proposed amendments to the by-laws of the PCC.  Below follows a summary of those amendments and the reasoning behind putting them before the general membership.  It is important that members make a serious effort to attend this meeting.  The proposed by-laws changes must be voted in by the general membership so that the PCC reflects the will of the community.

Expansion of the PCC boundaries

The current boundaries of the Pierpont Community Council and eligibility for membership depends on the location of the property and the property's use.  The current boundaries include properties on Pierpont Blvd. and west from San Pedro to Greenock.  Also included are the properties on Vista Del Mar East of State Beach, (Vista Del Mar from San Jon Road to Seaward).  The proposed new boundaries include all coastal properties in the newly created voting District 7.  In summary, the effect would be to include properties from the Promenade along the coastline inclusive of the Ventura Harbor.

Why is the board proposing this change?

  1. It joins together the residents of Ventura's coastal communities for making common cause on the many issues affecting us, some of them unique or concentrated to a coastal area such as the beach, parking, STVRs, safety, security, the homeless issue, etc.
  2. It gives members a stronger voice with the city council,  elected representatives and city staff through the PCC a recognized Community Council.  Our boundaries will encompass the greater portion of  District 7's voters.  Accordingly, the city councilperson who represents District 7 will have more reason to heed our concerns and will therefore help both our current members and new members.

Changing the name of the Pierpont Community Council to the Pierpont Bay Community Council

If the above amendment passes, the above name change is proposed to better describe the newly formed boundaries.  The board believes that a name change is advised so that we can immediately communicate our new boundaries in discussions with elected officials.  A name change at this meeting is therefore important.

Amend the voting rules

The current voting rules allow for 2 residents over 18 years whether they are renters or owner occupants to cast votes for the property they occupy/own, except if the property is rented, in which case the owner gets one vote as well.  A maximum of 3 votes per property therefore is allowed.  However, these rules are modified in the case of joint ownership and ownerhsip of multiple properties.  The number of votes is capped at 2 per person, unless the property is jointly owned in which case a maximum of 2 owners can each place 2 votes.  Voting is further limited by requiring the physical presence of the voter.  In the case where a property is jointly owned but only one of the owners is present, then only one vote can be placed. 

The proposed amendment is to simplify the above rules to one vote per property with a maximum of 4 votes for any voter.

The reason for the change is that the current mechanism with three seperate criteria is overly complicated and very difficult to verify. 

PCC Bylaws 7-16-18.pdf (3.77 mb)

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